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Therapeutic reflections on the guesswork (and anxiety) of growth.

Colin MacInnis

Author & Advisor

Growth is a tough game.

Growth can lift us up, break us down, and expose our greatest weaknesses. Growth changes who we are and makes us stronger — forming a journey in our development.

I work with entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses. I’ve worked with English second language schools, online marketplaces, consulting companies, information security, etc. I’ve also enjoyed the pleasures of starting a business, closing a business, and selling a business.

The topics I write about here on my blog are the same topics that keep me up at night. They are the areas I struggle with as a marketer, the patterns I see in consumer behavior, and things I do to cope with stress and anxiety.

Writing has become my therapy.

I hope the reflections you read here will help you overcome the challenges you experience at work and in your career.

In the end, all we can do is our best.

A Career Built Behind the Scenes

We’re the people who’ve worked inside startups. We’ve been on sales teams, marketing teams, and even part of investor meetings. We understand the urgency, challenges, and milestones associated with growth and success.

Balanced with Education and Leadership

We are life-long learners of business. We embrace new concepts and trust established frameworks. We carry MBAs, software certifications, and industry certifications. We have participated in business accelerators and actively work with a network of mentors.

Laird Wilton, Securicy

“Colin MacInnis is a marketing leader with experience developing and implementing scalable sales and marketing campaigns. His tactical experience designing effective lead generation campaigns and processes is strengthened by his ability to analyze complex data to guide strategy. Colin’s work helps companies grow market share. The insights he delivers allow stakeholders to make informed strategic decisions that maximize ROI on marketing investments.”

Laird Wilton, Securicy

Chief Operations Officer

“Working with Colin was a pleasure and his authentic passion for helping others succeed is inspirational to me. He is very down-to-earth and friendly to talk to when we work together which is refreshing. I have no doubt in my mind that Marketing Qualified will grow to be the go-to marketing agency in our region due to Colin’s dedication to what he is passionate about. Also, he is an encyclopedia of marketing knowledge.. go ahead, ask him anything!”

Nigel Westbury, The Hub Downtown

Founder & Wellness Coach

“I’ve worked with Colin to launch new products and services. He always brings a great level of energy to the team and helps others execute on their projects and tasks. Hard working, and a life-long learner, I’d recommend Colin for your marketing and sales operations.”

Darren MacDonald, CBU

Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Anthony McQuaid

“Colin is a pleasure to work with. His genuine enthusiasm and interest to continually evolve his skills makes him a vital part of our team. He strives for excellence and does whatever it takes to ensure the success of our marketing campaigns.”

Anthony McQuaid, Securicy

Product Marketing Manager

“Colin helps marketers strengthen their skills in branding, campaigns, and sales. He guides marketers through technical obstacles and helps marketers position themselves for success. I highly recommend Colin for his skills and knowledge of marketing!”

Holly Chisholm, Innovacorp

Project Coordinator

“Colin was able to help me get my AdWord budget under control. He was very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable and helpful. If you need help with your online marketing he’s your guy. Thanks again Colin for all your help!”

Ryan Arnold, Bluenose Residential

Owner & Operator

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