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Colin MacInnis

Author, Marketing Qualified

The Purpose of Marketing Qualified

To demystify the world of sales and marketing operations.

About Colin MacInnis

Colin MacInnis is a digital marketer in Nova Scotia, Canada, and teaches marketing at Cape Breton University.

His career stems from technology companies that serve large B2B enterprises. In Colin’s role, he helps founders execute go-to-market strategies, analyze ROI, and increase market share.

Having started Phased Technologies, SUP Baddeck, and Marketing Qualified, Colin has also become an advisor for small businesses looking to grow online.

Colin carries a Bachelor of Business Administration from St. Francis Xavier University, a Computer Science diploma from the Uhma Institute of Technology, Certification in Digital Marketing Management from the University of Toronto, and a Masters in Business Administration from Cape Breton University. He is also a licensed Salesforce Administrator, former Google Premier Partner, and Hubspot Administrator.