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An online school for sales and marketing operations.

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Commitment, Persistence, Speed

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We create educational videos, facilitate training events, and write content about modern-day sales and marketing.

Commitment, Persistence, Speed

Step into Marketing Qualified and experience life as a DOER.

We are the embodiment of life-long learning, self-improvement, and motivation.

We dedicate ourselves to growth while balancing an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our projects give us fulfillment and we are always under construction.

Enjoy the ride, my friends.

Keep moving forward.

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The 4 Dimensions of Marketing Operations

A Better Way to Manage Marketing Operations The term marketing operations has a variety of different meanings. To some it means activities like advertising, email, and social, while to others it means content, the customer journey, branding, etc. In my experience, the practice of marketing operations involves planning, strategizing, and performing activities that achieve the...

Meet Colin, Creator of Marketing Qualified

Entrepreneur, data enthusiast, and marketing advisor.

Personal Bio

Colin MacInnis is a marketing analyst from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.

His background stems from entrepreneurship where he started Phased Technologies, SUP Baddeck, and Marketing Qualified.

When Colin isn’t working, you can find him at the gym, exploring the outdoors, or enjoying a refreshing margarita.

The best way to contact Colin is by Instagram.

“Colin helps marketers strengthen their skills in branding, campaigns, and sales. He guides marketers through technical obstacles and helps marketers position themselves for success. I highly recommend Colin for his skills and knowledge of marketing!”

Holly Chisholm, Innovacorp

Project Coordinator

“I’ve worked with Colin to launch new products and services. He always brings a great level of energy to the team and helps others execute on their projects and tasks. Hard working, and a life-long learner, I’d recommend Colin for your marketing and sales operations.”

Darren MacDonald, CBU

Director of Innovation

“Colin is a pleasure to work with. His genuine enthusiasm and interest to continually evolve his skills makes him a vital part of our team. He strives for excellence and does whatever it takes to ensure the success of our marketing campaigns.”

Anthony McQuaid

Anthony McQuaid, Securicy

Product Marketing Manager