About Marketing Qualified

We’re a small consultancy dedicated to improving sales and marketing results.

Our Values

We abide by 3 core principles when it comes to our business operations.


To acknowledge opportunities for improvement, innovation, and education.


To embrace our capacities and know when to seek help from our networks.


To be solution-focused and execute beyond the expectation of others.

What is Marketing Qualified?

Marketing Qualified is a small consulting firm specialized in B2B sales and marketing operations.

We work with organizations to understand who buys their products and why. Once known, we coordinate daily activities, oversee the loading and execution of new projects, and follow best practices for sales and marketing operations including data integrity.

When we work with clients, they feel their projects are in reliable, hard-working hands. While the results of our efforts may increase an organization’s revenue, we feel pride and purpose knowing that our small contribution has helped others impact their community.

In short, we keep the train moving.

Colin MacInnis

Owner & Author

Our Honest Feelings on Marketing

We enjoy marketing, but more importantly, we enjoy eliminating wasteful activities. Starting and operating a business takes a lot of time, patience, and money. We’d rather see your money be invested in the right activities to help you succeed. Clients who work with us realize:

  • We don’t wrecklessly spend marketing budgets
  • We never get high-value staff to work on low-value activities
  • We will perform smaller tasks and coach your team how to do manage their workload
  • We provide clear training resources to clients so they understand how new processes work

How We Re-Invest in Our Community

Results are not our only focus.

We realize that not all people have equal access to life-enriching opportunities. At Marketing Qualified, we believe in giving back to our community. That’s why a large portion of our revenues and profits are invested into community programs and initiatives. These activities include:

  • Facilitating workshops to address skill gaps
  • Writing content for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Hosting free one-on-one consultations with students
  • Bringing reputable brands and people to our community through events

Career Traction & Press

Marketing Qualified’s founder, Colin MacInnis, has been a part of great milestones. To read these stories and see how we are helping our community, visit our press page.

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