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Content Marketing – Field Notes, Experiences, and Opinion

Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash. Write blog posts. Make YouTube videos. Advertise. Repeat. These are the lessons that have been drilled into my mind throughout university and on-the-job experience. But why? Academics would likely respond with something to the extent of “because eventually consumers will like your content and eventually trust you; buying your products and services”. For...
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First-Time Founders & Revenue Projections – People Between the Numbers

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash. Are you a founder estimating your revenue projections? Are you creating a marketing budget for the first time? If so, read this article carefully because there are things you shouldn’t do (and can compromise your fundraising). First-Time Founders Tend to Obsess over Product, Not Distribution I’ve personally made this mistake in the past....
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How I Got Where I Am Today

Photo by Jon on Unsplash. Chasing Dreams & Fighting for Dreams Failure has a distinct taste. It happens before your very eyes and you feel like there's absolutely nothing you can do. It steamrolls you. Takes you down. Grinds you to dust. I’m where I’m at today because of my childhood and experience working with small businesses. My...
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