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Commitment, Persistence, Speed

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Revelations on Growth and Capitalism

A Brief Word on Personal Evolution & The Requirement for Failure I believe we all experience life-changing moments (both positive and negative). Negative moments could be that a friend committed suicide, the love of your life left you, or you started down a new path that your friends/family weren't ready to support. Whatever the case,...

Let’s Make VR Classrooms

The world is still silent. Every channel, every newscast, every website screaming "COVID-19". The hardest part for me is being inside and away from my friends, family, and coworkers. I'm extroverted and gain energy when around other people. Sure there's video chat, but it's not the same. I want to physically stand up, move, and...
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Thinking About Investing

I'm drawn to the idea of becoming an investor for startups and small businesses. Part of the appeal likely stems from my startup days. There's a sort of coolness factor among the VC world. But this is probably the wrong reason to get into it. From what I understand about venture capital, it's about building...
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The 4 Dimensions of Marketing Operations

A Better Way to Manage Marketing Operations The term marketing operations has a variety of different meanings. To some it means activities like advertising, email, and social, while to others it means content, the customer journey, branding, etc. In my experience, the practice of marketing operations involves planning, strategizing, and performing activities that achieve the...
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Terminology for Sales Operations

Terminology for Sales Operations Great salespeople know their sales terminology. The following list of terms are often heard on salesfloors of B2B enterprises. If there are terms we missed or you don't understand our definitions, please contact us. We'd love to help you demystify the world of sales operations. 1. Commonly Used Terms for Sales...
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How to Work an Opportunity

What is an Opportunity? An Opportunity is a CRM term used to describe a deal-record. Opportunity records are created when there's a real deal with real sales potential being discussed (to buy products or services). An Opportunity differs from a Lead because a lead is a person-record while an opportunity is a deal-record. A lead's...
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How to Work a Lead

What is a Lead? A Lead is someone who has shown some level of interest to your organization, products, or services. Your organization might have collected a lead from a workshop event, conference, or ebook via your website. A newly created lead is not a sales opportunity (but could become one). New to sales terminology?...
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How to Build a Sales Process

What is a Sales Process? A sales process is a series of activities designed to identify customer needs, align their needs to the services your business sells, and to finalize a purchase; increasing your organization's revenue. In B2C environments, the sales process typically consists of a shopping cart and cash register. Customers are expected to...
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How to Create and Use a Pricebook

What is a Pricebook? A pricebook is a document holding information about the products and services your business sells. It lists every product and service, their descriptions, prices, and discounts your business offers. If your business requires personal contact in order to sell its product/service (a demo, a proposal, or a phone call), you'll likely...
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Year in Review: 2019

Year in Review: The 4th Entry I started the Year in Review series in 2016. At the time, I was feeling conflicted about decisions I made about school, my career, and lifestyle -- I had no idea where life was taking me. In December of 2016, I wrote a summary of my year. Welcome back...
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How to Attract Quality Leads at Events

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash. Are you getting 4+ inbound leads per day? If yes, bravo. However, the reality is most small businesses and startups struggle to build their inbound lead machine. Inbound strategies take a long time to develop. They require constant creation of content, online engagement, advertising, and tireless writing, SEO, and guest blogging....
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Year in Review: 2018

Welcome Back to Another Year in Review In this blog post we’re outlining the top achievements, setbacks, and takeaways earned in 2018 (because nothing comes for free). Table of ContentsOverview of Goals Set for 20181. Registered MacInnis Consulting as a Business in Nova Scotia2. Participated in the Techstars Accelerator Program in Boston3. Regularly Published New...
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Year in Review: 2017

Welcome back to another Year in Review In 2017 I made strides towards my goals set in last year’s review. As a recap those goals were: Become Google Adwords Certified (Video Marketing Specialization) – Complete Google Analytics Certified – Complete Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified – Complete ConvertedU Conversion Marketing Certification – Abandoned I abandoned ship on ConvertedU’s conversion marketing certification as...
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Year in Review: 2016

Welcome to the first Year in Review "Year in Review" is a blog post series that was started in 2016. Given it was the holiday season, I started reflecting on where I was in life, where I was going, and where I wanted to be. Without a clear sense of direction, I felt overwhelmed with...