A New Therapeutic Project Focused on Men’s Lifestyle

Changing Tides for Men’s Lifestyle

It’s an interesting time to watch the men’s lifestyle market. Millennial men and Gen Z boys are becoming far more interested in their style, fashion, health, and fitness.

They’re buying skincare products, adjusting their sleep schedule, and choosing outfits to wear. All the while, they’re consuming more content on how to look more attractive, take better care of themselves, and develop active lifestyles.

The days of arguing Instagram is full of fake lifestyles is no longer true. The focus on food, fitness, fashion has influenced the men in our society.


Conditions Making the Perfect Storm

On top of market conditions, look at the topic of marketing that’s quickly consuming the world — influencer marketing.

Now more than ever brands are starving to work with more influencers. This means affiliate marketing, brand endorsements, and commissions are back with a bang. The reason influencer marketing is different this time around is that (1) we’re no longer fixated on accessing celebrities, rather individual people that are relatable, and (2) modern marketers understand that influencers are meant to increase reach and awareness, not directly drive conversion.

Combine these conditions together and you can check the box for revenue-potential.

But truthfully, money’s not the reason I want to do this.


My Love for Marketing Qualified has Involved Negative Trade-Offs

When work ends and I’m into my evening, do I turn on Netflix? No, I work on Marketing Qualified. When I’m snuggling into a book, is it about ways I can live a healthier life? No, I read about business and marketing.

If I’m to be completely honest, my obsession with Marketing Qualified has led to negative health impacts (mentally, physically, and emotionally). It’s a pain a pressure I’ve inflicted to myself, but I can’t ignore it anymore.

By choosing my niche and zeroing in on CRMs and marketing automation, I’ve cornered myself.

When everything you post relates to your niche, you become known for your niche. In many cases, professionals would claim this is a great thing, but hear my warnings:

  • You Become Your Niche. It’s all you know. It’s all you talk about. It’s all people see you as. Slowly but surely, you begin to lose your sense of self. On some days, your entire identify feels like an extention of your niche.
  • Your Relationships Change. Most people have different groups of friends (gaming friends, work friends, book clubs, skiing). When you zero in on your niche, it creates a sort of barrier for people who are trying to get to know you. Think of it like dating. If someone checks out your profile and the only thing they see is content about your niche, does that make you more attractive or sexy? I’d argue not.
  • You Limit Your Ability to Enjoy Life. Similarly to relationships changing, by being too absorbed in your niche, you limit your ability to try new activities and meet new people. As a result, you unknowingly deny opportunities to discover new passions, meet amazing new friends, or travel to beautiful scenic places.

Yes, I’ve experienced each of these feelings over the last year (and it’s almost driven me crazy).

When in these moments of frustration, fear, and discomfort, I begin rapidly seeking advice. So far my methods have included consulting a wellness coach, reading countless books, and connecting with other bloggers online in hopes to find others who relate to the pain — all these helped, but didn’t fix the problem.

By the end of these phases, I’d have chewed my fingernails, ate unhealthy, taken a break from the gym, and sat alone inside my house.

I needed a channel to vent my energy and have the freedom to write about other topics. I re-configured my old domain and fired up a new website, www.colinmacinnis.com.


A Quick Nod to the History of Marketing Qualified

Long ago before we operated under the name Marketing Qualified, we were part of a personal blog.

During those years, we blogged about the outdoors, watersports, business, and app development. But as time passed, we became more passionate about the topic of business, sales, and marketing.

Month after month, we published business-related content but weren’t gaining traction. I asked a few people what they thought, and their honest opinion was that it felt odd to have a business-focused blog be hosted under someone’s name — we agreed to some extent.

Operating under a personal name leads to 2 problems down the road: (1) You limit your growth as a business entity, forcing it to all ride off someone’s name, or (2) You, the person the blog is named after, lock yourself in on that niche. If we were to continue operating as a personal entity and I later lost interest in marketing, how would operations carry on? Could I hire others to write content and it all be the same? I needed a solution and rebranding fit the bill.

And that’s the tale of how we decided to rebrand to Marketing Qualified.


Why List a Men’s Lifestyle Blog Under Your Personal Name?

My hope is that I will treat my personal blog as a sandbox environment for different ideas, themes, and topics. As these topics gain more engagement, I will spin them off into other websites.

Right now I want to build healthier habbits for eating, exercising, and personal styling. By creating a blog on this set of topics, I’m essentially forcing myself to dive in an understand each topic (the same way I have for sales and marketing to make Marketing Qualified work).

The hardest part will be transitioning from writing about men’s lifestyle to actually living it.

Undergoing the full transformation will be part of this new project and that challenges me on a whole other level.


Still Though, Why Focus on Men?

The easy answer is “because I’m a guy”, but there’s a bit more to it than that.

Some of the topics I want to write about include tips on how to match outfits better, advice for visiting a tailor, ways to build testosterone, and styling guides.

When I think of those topics and my current network of beautiful, sassy, sophisticated gay friends (and attractive lady friends), it becomes very clear how to approach this: gather the advice of what gay guys and women like and share it with the boys.

The benefits men would receive include better lifestyle advice, improved happiness, and higher charisma. For women, your men will look more polished, smell good, keep their place neat and tidy, while building some muscle.

Anyway, this IS an active marketing project and one I don’t mind sharing about. I’ll post updates on the planning process and launch of the new blog as we go.

Marketing Qualified is still my homebase for business topics. I just need to take care of my own health in the process!

Thanks everyone,