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Terminology for Sales Operations

Terminology for Sales Operations Great salespeople know their sales terminology. The following list of terms are often heard on salesfloors of B2B enterprises. If there are terms we missed or you don't understand our definitions, please contact us. We'd love to help you demystify the world of sales operations. 1. Commonly Used Terms for Sales...
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How to Work an Opportunity

What is an Opportunity? An Opportunity is a CRM term used to describe a deal-record. Opportunity records are created when there's a real deal with real sales potential being discussed (to buy products or services). An Opportunity differs from a Lead because a lead is a person-record while an opportunity is a deal-record. A lead's...
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How to Work a Lead

What is a Lead? A Lead is someone who has shown some level of interest to your organization, products, or services. Your organization might have collected a lead from a workshop event, conference, or ebook via your website. A newly created lead is not a sales opportunity (but could become one). New to sales terminology?...
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How to Build a Sales Process

What is a Sales Process? A sales process is a series of activities designed to identify customer needs, align their needs to the services your business sells, and to finalize a purchase; increasing your organization's revenue. In B2C environments, the sales process typically consists of a shopping cart and cash register. Customers are expected to...
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How to Create an Effective Sales Proposal

What is a Sales Proposal? A sales proposal is a formal document used in B2B sales environments. They often come in the form of a PDF file and outline the terms and services involved in a project. Great sales proposals are well-designed and follow a company's branding guidelines (fonts, colors, etc.). For this reason, we...
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How to Create and Use a Pricebook

What is a Pricebook? A pricebook is a document holding information about the products and services your business sells. It lists every product and service, their descriptions, prices, and discounts your business offers. If your business requires personal contact in order to sell its product/service (a demo, a proposal, or a phone call), you'll likely...