How to Find Your Passion & Ignite Your Career – Tips to Get Started

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This article is for those of you who feel like you’re drifting through life (unfulfilled).

Whether you work for someone else or are day-dreaming of leaving your job, I hope my words will inspire you to accomplish more.

We’ve all contemplated if we’re in the right career.

We tell ourselves our salaries are good and that we enjoy our jobs, but deep down, what is your gut telling you?

If you’re someone who aspires to do more in life, keep reading.

This article will show you how to identify your passion hobby (that pays) and how you can get started on your own fulfilling career doing what you enjoy.

Trading Passions & The Decision to Start Doing Something

When I was a kid, I often made videos about family holidays. I recorded the sunrise, the dinners, the people, and more. I’d layer music and titles over the video to bring the story together. It was fun.

But then I started ‘adulting’.

I traded the camera for university books. I switched videography school for a business degree.

I was fitting what others expected of me, not really prioritizing the work I enjoyed.

But over the years I broke free. I started recording videos again on YouTube, I started writing, and I started doing podcasts.

The main point is that “I started”.

Eventually, I figured out what I was good at and what I enjoy.

Not all my interests were viable careers but I made peace with that (and my path led me to marketing).

Find Your Money-Making Hobby: A Process for Finding What People will Pay You For

I tried a YouTube Channel focused on video games. I ran a paddleboarding company. I tried a succession planning app.

Time and time again, I kept hitting a wall.

Where my YouTube videos got views, I wasn’t making much money. Where paddleboard business earned cash, it wasn’t a passion that would fuel me for years to come.

I realized I had to make some decisions and try to hit a balance.

It wasn’t until I read Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll and Benjamin Yoskovitz that I utilized a nifty process to discover my fitting career.


Concept in Short

Here’s a circle that’s broken up into 3 parts:

  1. What you like doing
  2. What others say you’re good at
  3. What people pay you for

The exercise is quite simple. Find the activity that’s in the middle.

As you go through this exercise, remember that it’s okay to arrive at a broad topic for your middle-of-circle interest.

We’re not trying to discover our niche in this exercise, just a general sense of where we should focus our efforts.

When I completed this exercise, I arrived at digital marketing. Next, I created a blog about digital marketing and started working towards discovering my niche within digital marketing.

So for those of you reading, I really suggest you take a minute here and start listing out your interests.

Here is mine to give you a sample:


Why this Approach Works

Discovering your balanced interest helps you focus on what you’ll (1) enjoy, (2) be good at, and (3) be paid to do.

Passion is at the center of achieving success (but in the right thing).

Yes, I could become a famous Rocket League player, but that road is a lot longer and harder.

Instead, I focus my energy in an area of business I enjoy and that pays well.

Because I’m passionate about marketing, I don’t mind learning more about it.

As I learn more about marketing, I become more valuable to clients and employers – they’ll pay more.

How to Go from Planning to Execution

“I’m planning it out” is a dangerous rabbit hole.

Planning can suck months or years out of your viability, traction, and success.

If you’re absolutely new to your passion or hobby (and haven’t made a dime), don’t panic.

There are essentially 2 ways you can start working on your passion and eventually earning money from it:

  1. Advertising the living sh*t out of it on social media (the loud way)
  2. Slowly plugging away at it over days, weeks, months, and years (the quiet way)

I started my blog the quiet way.

Choose one of the following media outlets to be your primary focus:

Now start making content.

Dive into common questions people have and start providing content that appeals to audiences.

Don’t worry about quality. Just focus on starting.

Once you start and get into the routine of creating, you’ll start to look for ways to improve your production quality.

You’ll buy that Canon Rebel camera, you’ll buy that online course on blogging, you’ll get that Blue Yeti mic you’ve been watching reviews on.

Creating is the very start to the entire transformational process. You’ll find out first-hand what people like, dislike, want, and need.

THIS is the secret to making traction and eventually making your passion a full-time income.

Making the Leap to Social Media & Sharing Your Passion

The beauty of taking the quiet approach is that you can build up your production quality and work towards creating something you are proud of.

When you hit that moment, things will connect in your mind.

This IS your passion. This IS what you’re meant to do. This IS what will move the needle to the future you want.

Once you get there, you’ll hit that share button (and blossom like the thousand fireworks you are inside).

This is when things really start to move.


This article dove into the mindset and advice for finding your passions and igniting your career.

We dove into an easy process for identifying passions with high revenue potential.

From there, we covered how you can take what you learn about yourself (through the circle exercise) and start creating content about your passion.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I’d love to see what you create!




  • Alistair Croll and Benjamin Yoskovitz for their awesome book Lean Analytics.


  • There were no academic sources listed in this article. The tips and advice mentioned in this post came strictly from our marketing experience over the years helping startups, small businesses, and large enterprises build and engage their audience.

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