How to Get More Natural Inbound Leads for Your Business or Startup

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Every business wants more leads.

Lead Generation is one of the hottest topics in marketing and sales, yet Google is flooded with misleading directions on how to actually achieve inbound leads.

Take a look for yourself. Almost all the results point to list-based blog posts (“7 Ways”, “5 Tactics”, etc.).

In this article, we’re going to take an insider look at lead generation. That is, how to actually get natural inbound leads for your SaaS product, online store, or service-based business.

Lead Generation Tactics vs Strategy

A lot of blog posts and videos suggest founders follow very specific tactics to generate more leads online.

You need the fancy calculator tool. You need the right webpage design. You need this app. The list goes on.

The truth is, prescribing to a Lead Generation Strategy will yield far better results than any single Lead Generation Tactic.

For example, here at Marketing Qualified, we follow to a Lead Generation Strategy that prioritizes delivering high-value content across all of our online (and offline) channels.

We do not spend time over-analyzing how many leads we get from a single blog post. We know that in order to earn leads, we need to hit our stride on great content and to be where the customer is.

Eventually, they’ll come.

I suppose if there was one thing I could share from this article, it’s this:

There is no written formula for acquiring leads. There’s only the ability to be where the customer is and to have the information they want, when they want it.

In the end, people are people. They go out for after-work beers. They talk to their friends. They play sports, browse social media, and hike.

It’s our job as inbound marketers to fit into their daily routines. Not to interrupt them, but to go along their journey with them.

Marketers who understand this and plan around this will win the Lead Generation game.

As for having the right information customers want (and when they want it), there are a few things you can do right now to improve your lead generation efforts (in the next section).

Filling the Gaps on Your Website

People are completing 57% of the buying process by themselves (LinkedIn Sales Solution).


Does your website feature enough information that random strangers can get 57% through the customer journey? Do you have the right information available to assist purchases?

Once people arrive at your website, they start browsing.

Many companies will only include the minimal amount of information needed for a website; pushing a ‘Call Now’ button to visitors.

At the very least, your website should have a Home page, Product/Service page, About page, and Contact page.

But is this enough? What other information would people be considering before making a purchase?

Providing more pages and information is a great way to move visitors closer to the 57% mark (of the buyer journey). By creating webpages like ‘About Our Pricing’ or comparison reviews, you’ll keep people on your website, inform them, and save them from entering their own rabbit hole (researching other alternatives, forums, videos, and more).

Once creating these pages, we recommend integrating them with your core pages. For example, on your Pricing page, link to ‘About Our Pricing’. On your product pages, link to supporting guides such as sizing charts.

Website Planning can be a Rabbit Hole

Marketers can easily spend hours, days, weeks, and months making small changes to their website. While these changes are necessary for long-term success, they can hinder short-term performance. If you’re a new business or startup, you should focus on the things that drive short-term results; helping you get the cashflow to pursue more long-term projects.

Keep that in mind as you lean further into doing website work.

Make Noise, Earn Visitors, Watch Conversions

Now that you’ve addressed your website gaps, it’s time to make some noise.

Using a combination of day-to-day marketing activities and marketing campaigns, make noise about your products, services, values, history, etc.

Whether its podcasts, blog posts, video tutorial, or ads, make sure you keep producing content. The more you publish, the more reach, impressions, and engagement you get. Keep this machine running.

If you’re absolutely new to marketing and want to increase website traffic, visit our blog category called “Get More Traffic” where we share effective ways to increase website traffic.

Once your traffic starts flowing regularly, switch gears to focus on marketing analytics.

Did you get leads? If yes, awesome. If no, let’s check the opt-in page.

Did your opt-in page get a decent amount of traffic? If yes, work on your messaging. If no, let’s check your website analytics.

Did people browse multiple pages on your website? If yes, build stronger call-to-actions on your pages. If no, let’s assess the first page of their visit.

What page did people come in on? How long did they stay? If you have a high amount of traffic on a single page but your Average Session Duration is low, you might have one of the following problems:

  • Disconnected messaging between your headline and your content
  • Your content has a different experience on mobile devices vs desktop
  • Your content just isn’t good enough

If you have a low amount of traffic to your website but a high Average Session Duration, you’re experiencing an audience problem. This essentially means the audience you’re serving content to as thrilled about your topic as others. If this is happening to you, go back to community building and refine your audience.


Believe in the machine (and the process).

Find out your website’s weaknesses, create those pages, and address the information gap. Next, ignore the analytics and focus on publishing content. Last, hit pause. Look at your analytics and see if things are trending up or down. Make adjustments and go again.

Do not overspend your time researching the perfect lead generation tactic. As was mentioned at the beginning of this article, founders and marketers can enter a rabbit hole on lead generation methods.

Watch out for the amount of time you spend making website edits, taking online courses, and researching. Seriously, this can kill your business.

Keep publishing content, keeping connecting with interested audiences, keep experimenting and iterating.



  • We didn’t mention any companies in this article. If you think we should take a closer look at another company, please let us know via our contact form.


  • We didn’t mention any people in this article, but would have loved to. If you know someone whose story is worth sharing, please connect us with them via our contact form.


LinkedIn Sales Solution – “The typical B2B buyer is already 57% through the purchase process before reaching out to sales”.

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