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New on YouTube: Blog Origins, CRMs, & Our First 10 Subscribers

Entering the Stratosphere

Our long-awaited entry into video has finally come.

Through a mixed bag of emotions, we are overcoming our fear of being on camera, our comfort of sticking with blogging, and the judgement that comes along with making and sharing videos online.

We do this for you.

Building a business isn’t an easy journey for everyone. It challenges us in new and unexpecting ways.

This is our documented journey to show you’re not alone (and that we can make the climb together).

1. Video Explainer: What is a CRM?

CRMs are a critical piece of business, yet not many people understand what they are, how they’re used, or why they’re important.

Here’s our take on What is a CRM?

2. Video Explainer: What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is often described as email marketing, but there’s actually a pretty big difference.

Think of “marketing automation” as “process automation”. We use marketing automation for security, sales, and marketing to create a better customer experience.

3. Blog Origins: The Story Behind Our Blog and Business

Every story has a beginning. Here’s ours.

4. A Message to Our First 10 Subscribers

The journey of entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be fear, doubt, and the unknown. We’re recognizing the amazing people who placed their vote of confidence in us EARLY.

This is a message to our first 10 subscribers.

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