Year in Review: 2016

Welcome to the first Year in Review

“Year in Review” is a blog post series that was started in 2016. Given it was the holiday season, I started reflecting on where I was in life, where I was going, and where I wanted to be.

Without a clear sense of direction, I felt overwhelmed with consideration to what could be; never really executing on my ideas.

I started this blog series as a way to reflect, share, and append accountability to my journey.

Hope you enjoy.

Feelings Throughout 2016

I’m tired of my approach to becoming an expert in digital marketing.

Over the last few years, I’ve taken a lot of online courses (Lynda.com, Udemy, Masterclass, etc). These classes were very attractive to me. I could learn and implement everything quickly. Furthermore, these courses were easy to complete. No exam. Tutorial-based.

My goal was to accelerate my knowledge of digital marketing, but where I succeeded in speed, I lost in quality.

I suppose the greatest thing I learned in 2016 was patience.

In October of 2016, I started doing more work with people around the world. I quickly learned that these people were just like me – hungry for knowledge and wanting projects to apply what they’ve learned.

These young, energetic, marketers opened my eyes to an unfortunate reality – that many people are seeking the quick-and-dirty way of getting ahead.

Was I leaning too much into forcefully effective tactics? Was I undermining my managers? Maybe so. To get their buy-in and support, I’d need to position myself differently.

The way I see working would be to earn recognized credentials that managers are familiar with. This will help me start working on more relevant projects to enhance my career.

Goals & Targets for 2017

In 2017, I plan to slow down.

I will limit my wreckless learning and tackle meaningful certifications one at a time. I will make myself available for exercise and take better care of my body. I will work hard and develop my career.

List of Action Items:

  1. Google Adwords Certification (Video Marketing Specialization)
  2. Google Analytics Certification
  3. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification
  4. ConvertedU Conversion Marketing Certification