Year in Review: 2017

Welcome back to another Year in Review

In 2017 I made strides towards my goals set in last year’s review. As a recap those goals were:

  1. Become Google Adwords Certified (Video Marketing Specialization) – Complete
  2. Google Analytics Certified – Complete
  3. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified – Complete
  4. ConvertedU Conversion Marketing Certification – Abandoned

I abandoned ship on ConvertedU’s conversion marketing certification as I was becoming exposed to other platforms and systems such as ClickFunnels and Salesforce. Through my previous employer’s partnership with Salesforce, it made more sense for me to become certified as a Salesforce Administrator (it was also a policy at the workplace that everyone become a Salesforce Admin – a great addition to their culture).

Before sharing my other goals and targets, I think it’s wise to share that I categorized my efforts into “Health”, “Wealth”, and “Relationships”. This framework helps me ensure I’m working on all fronts to improve the quality of my life. If you haven’t set your goals or targets yet, I’d recommend giving it a go. If it makes you feel more accountable, comment with your goals in the comments section below.


I Lost 24lbs

This year I took control over my health. In 2015, I gave up pop and began limiting the amount of sweets I eat. In 2016, I continued not drinking pop, but wasn’t moving much; I gained more weight. Then I decided to focus on cardio.

Whatever it is you’re working on, make sure it delivers a 98% return on investment. Don’t waste your time focusing on the things that deliver a 2% ROI. Push the needle.

This year I went to the gym regularly. I didn’t do a fitness plan, or a diet; I simply moved more. Here’s how I made this change.

  1. January – March: Cooked at home. Even if it’s Kraft Dinner, I’m still building the habit of eating at home.
  2. March – July: Started walking on the treadmill at 3.0 and read books to pass the time; 30 minutes per day.
  3. July – November: Started jogging at 5.0 for 20 minutes; 2 minutes walking, 2 minutes jogging, repeat.
  4. October – Present: Started cooking healthier meals. I no longer buy Kraft Dinner.
  5. December: Increasing the intensity of my cardio and am introducing weight lifting. Right now I’m doing the warm-up in Insanity then am lifting weights in the gym. It takes me about 40 minutes to complete my workout.

I Read 14 Books

Above I mentioned that I would read while walking on the treadmill. Well… when you’re doing 30 minutes per day, you get through a lot of pages. All of these books were related to business from “Challenger Sale”, “Challenger Customer”, “Lean Analytics”, and “Zero to One”, to the art of customer experience from Disney University’s “Be Our Guest”, “Frantically Prospecting”, and “Money Management”. I also dabbled into books by Tony Robins and Russel Brunson – they were pretty good too.


I Started Actively Saving for Retirement

I setup a re-occurring transfer from my chequing account each week. It fuels my premium-rate saving account and I don’t touch it. I’m treating my savings account as a one-way movement. My goal is to build this to accumulate more interest, and eventually fuel my tax-free savings account. Investing will be something I start doing in 2018.


I’m Single Now

This wasn’t in the scope for 2017. I had a wonderful relationship and lived with my girlfriend for the majority of the year. I guess I didn’t give the relationship enough attention, I didn’t show enough love, and I wasn’t really present in the relationship. The relationship always felt like a stable support and that it wouldn’t be fractured. I began pursuing other opportunities and making efforts to further myself. Either way, being single is unfamiliar to me. There are definitely areas I can improve for relationship going into 2018.

2018 Targets & Methods:

Overall Targets:

  1. Health: I’m at 244lbs now. I’d like to get to 235lbs over 12-months. I will do this is a gradual and sustainable way.
  2. Wealth: I’m between crossroads right now to start another company or to get a job. Either way, once decided, I plan to do very well for myself in 2018.
  3. Relationships: I need to become a better listener and consider others’ feelings. I’m not a feely sort of person, so I don’t know how this will go.

Methods to Acquire Targets:

  1. I will again reduce the amount of alcohol I drink.
  2. I will continue balancing interval cardio with weight lifting.
  3. I will stop procrastinating to start my day (specifically to end my morning phone routine).
  4. I will work hard and drive results for my potential company or future employer.
  5. I will listen more to others.
  6. I will consider how other people feel more often.