Year in Review: 2018

Welcome Back to Another Year in Review

In this blog post we’re outlining the top achievements, setbacks, and takeaways earned in 2018 (because nothing comes for free).

Overview of Goals Set for 2018

For those of you who missed last year’s review, here’s the recap:

  • Health: Get to 235lbs – Achieved
  • Wealth: Get a job or start a business – Achieved
  • Relationships: Be a better listener – Achieved

Health. I absolutely owned health this year. I made more changes to schedule and diet, plus I exercised more often. In short, I made better decisions. I hit my weight goal of 235lbs in September 2018 (3 months ahead of schedule). Right now I weigh 230lbs even.

Wealth. Get a job or start a business. Why not both? This year I setup MacInnis Consulting where I started providing digital marketing services to businesses. I also took on a full-time job at an information security company called Securicy. So far I’ve been able to balance both jobs and make all my clients happy. Revenue is on the rise and so am I.

Relationships. After my breakup last year, I learned I needed to improve my listening skills. As my friend Darren says “you have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason”. I’ve been listening to more people, empathizing with them, and really leaning into what others are saying. I now express myself more through writing and photos.

1. Registered MacInnis Consulting as a Business in Nova Scotia

Kicking off the year, I was living in Halifax in an apartment costing me $2000 per month with no job. I needed to act quickly.

I returned to the classic self-financing question: “What can I do today to make money?”

Last time I asked myself this question, I started SUP Baddeck. The problem was it was winter, so paddleboarding was out. I decided to help businesses do marketing.

I picked up the phone and dialed 10 numbers. From the 10 people I phoned, 2 became customers. My rent was covered.

As I continued helping clients, people started making money; the results were good. I enjoyed when clients reached the “wow moment” of not having to worry about their revenue.

2. Participated in the Techstars Accelerator Program in Boston

Techstars is one of the most reputable accelerators in the world.

My client (and now employer), Securicy, was accepted into the program. They invited me down to participate in the accelerator program; it was awesome.

Investor operations, analytics, strategies, marketing. It was incredible. I was introduced to startups from across the globe. Those founders went on to acquire new investors and customers; solving REAL problems in the world.

It was a very unique experience and I’m grateful to Securicy for including me in the program.

3. Regularly Published New Blog Posts

I didn’t think I’d enjoy blogging as much as I do. At first it was a chore and I didn’t like writing, but as I helped more people, I enjoyed it more.

Consistently blogging was challenging though. I was helping clients, working at Securicy, and studying. I found it hard to juggle everything, so I decided to let my blog slide.

As I continued to work with my clients, I learned this was a big mistake on my part.

Publishing new blog posts leaves impressions on people. Even if they don’t read them, they expect the brand is consistently publishing new content about their space. When I stopped blogging, I began to notice my referrals go down. Then I realized I had essentially cut off my word-of-mouth machine.

I resumed blogging and began monitoring its performance. I had originally aimed for 1 blog per month, but ended the year getting about 2-3 posts per month. I plan to continue at a rate of 3-4 per month next year.

4. Really Improved My Skills in Top-of-Funnel Marketing

SEO. Search console, keyword impressions, backlinking.

Advertising. Audience testing with Personas, bid adjustments, exact phrase match targeting.

Social Media. Learned how to leverage social platforms to drive impressions, website visits, and to intercept warm leads. This was a big win once I got it working.

5. Facilitated a Workshop with Innovacorp

Worked with Bob Pelley & Holly Chisholm to deliver a workshop on email marketing best practices. We summarized the event with a guest post which you can find on Innovacorp’s website here.

6. Started My MBA Focusing on Community Economic Development

I like economics. It relates to marketing. In marketing, I help private businesses commercialize their product/services by delivering communication to markets. Rolling this up to economics, I’m analyzing the flow of money within industries. Overall economics helps me understand the market more.

The difference is marketing data helps me sell or promote programs, initiatives, or services. Economics data helps me understand what programs, initiatives, and services to develop.

7. Started an Online Community of Marketing Managers

I started an online Slack community for young and aspiring Marketing Professionals called “Marketing Masterclass”. There aren’t a lot of people in the channel, but it’s a place where we marketers can ask questions and help one another.

In the first year of its inception, we were able to collect members from IBM, Cape Breton University, NSCC, Proposify, 45Drives, Cape Breton Hospital Foundation, and Digicraft.

The Slack channel is pretty quiet as far as conversations go and members feel comfortable asking questions to one another. We also keep each other in mind for job referrals, skill sets, and solutions.

Goals for 2019

  • Health: Weigh 225lbs, have abs, eat healthier.
  • Wealth: Grow my business by helping more clients succeed. Launch my 3 new projects Between the Brand, Umber Capital, and Show Me the Development (more info on these soon).
  • Relationships: I think I’m ready to settle down after 16 months being single. I won’t rush anything, but we’ll see.

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