Year in Review: 2019

Year in Review: The 4th Entry

I started the Year in Review series in 2016. At the time, I was feeling conflicted about decisions I made about school, my career, and lifestyle — I had no idea where life was taking me.

In December of 2016, I wrote a summary of my year.

Welcome back and hello to my first-time readers. My name is Colin and I’m very pleased to present Year in Review: 2019.


The Goals that I Set for 2019

After closing out 2018, I set new goals for what I would achieve in 2019. Here’s a summary of what those goals were:

  • Health: Weigh 225lbs (missed)
  • Wealth: Grow my business by helping more clients succeed (changed)
  • Relationships: I think I’m ready to settle down after 16 months of being single. I won’t rush into anything, but we’ll see. (on track)


The Theme of 2019 — Being In a Rut

I started the year weighing 235lbs and got down to 228lbs by March, then the rut kicked in.

The things I tried doing weren’t working. My workouts weren’t getting me results, my eating took a nose dive, and I worried about work and school. Overall, my energy took a big hit. I was able to turn it around, but not until late November (after a needed vacation).

  • I Ate at Restaurants Too Often. Sushi, butter chicken, shwarma, Subway, burritos. These were the foods I ate every day for lunch during 2019. On the positive side, I didn’t eat a lot of deep-fried food, but on the negative side, I definitely spent way too much money at restaurants.
  • I Didn’t Follow a Gym Routine. From January to April, I did random exercises at the gym. From April to August, I tried doing “Insanity” by Shawn T. As I tried increasing the intensity of my workouts, I started experiencing a lot of headaches. At the time I wasn’t eating many carbs, but as I started increasing my intake, the headaches stopped. The new issue was balancing my carb intake with the intensity of my workouts. I’m still working on this.
  • I Didn’t Try to Grow My Business. 2019 was a year dedicated to balancing work (at Securicy) and school. I didn’t actively seek new clients, rather I helped people who came to me for advice. This worked out okay, but these deals didn’t yield much revenue. In Q3, I shifted the focus of the business. Instead of working with multiple businesses, I went after 1 big business; reducing client run-around and increasing my profit margin. I accomplished this by forming a partnership with an already-established consulting firm. I am currently working through a deal with a large national enterprise and hope they decide to enter a longer-termed contract.


The Bright Side

Despite the Doom & Gloom reflections above,  I had a solid year of laughs, memories, and accomplishments. Here are the key ones:

  • Rebranded my ColinMacInnis.com blog to Marketing Qualified
  • Grew my blog’s community to over 5,000 Facebook followers and about 100 email subscribers
  • Performed several tests for content-performance, learning how to optimize my blogs for Average Session Duration
  • Delivered a workshop about LinkedIn with Innovacorp
  • Delivered a workshop about SEO with Innovacorp
  • Did a lunch-and-learn talk about web analytics at Navigate Startup House
  • Helped plan Cape Breton’s first ever “Startup Weekend”, an event in collaboration with Techstars and Google for Startups
  • Completed 4 MBA courses with a confirmed graduation date in May 2020
  • Participated as a judge for a first pitch competition (my first time)
  • Started working with the marketing and sales team at Cape Breton University
  • Visited my brother and sister-in-law in Calgary
  • Had an amazing family trip to Disney World in Florida with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and 1-year old niece

Perhaps the most significant item of 2019 was the addition of a girlfriend (Miss Shondra Headley).

Shondra is a 23-year old sass machine from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.

Shondra and I technically grew up together, but we never really became friends until November 2017.

Twas a summer’s night when a voice called out to Shondra, “Date Colin MacInnis”. Later the next day, Shondra visited Starbucks but upon receiving her coffee, it spilled onto the floor. In a panic to clean the mess, she reached for a napkin, but as she came to grips with the napkin, a familiar hand crossed over onto hers — it was Colin MacInnis. “Had a little spill, did you?”. Shondra wasn’t sure what to do. Blushed with embarassment, she spoke “I’m SOY into you”. — oh yes my dear reader, I just went there (and none of this actually happened).

Shondra enjoys reading, painting, going to the movies, and having romantic date-nights.

Shondra has a lot of great qualities including her fondness to help others, her attention to detail, and her laid back attitude towards the random fast-paced life I live.

Let me paint you a picture. I wake up early, go to work, school, the gym. I have lunch meetings, school meetings, and client meetings almost daily and where time allows, I help my dad around the yard and maintain relationships with different friend groups. Bottom-line is, I’m a go-getter and Shondra doesn’t hold me back.

I’m interested to see where things go. Shondra doesn’t seem very interested in activities like skiing or Dungeon & Dragons, but I think she’ll warm up to those this coming winter (fingers crossed). Well.. maybe not Dungeons & Dragons, but I’m taking her skiing – no ifs ands or buts.


Goals for 2020

Short and simple goals for 2020:

  • Put better food in my body
  • Learn more about getting buy-in on ideas at work
  • Keep up the gym, toning up my body
  • Graduate from the MBA program at CBU

PS: This year I read about 30 books on marketing, sales, operations management, and leadership. My favorite book this year was Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins — a book by Mark Schaefer. If you’re a founder or marketer, I recommend reading it.