Year in Review: 2020


Hello visitor and welcome to my 2020 edition of “Year in Review”. Year in Review is a self-reflective blog post I write each year that focuses on my health, wealth, and relationships; reviewing the good, bad, and ugly of each year.

That being said, this year’s review (2020) will follow a different format from my previous posts.

PS: I’m not going to talk about COVID. People on social media complained enough already.

A Changed Mind: I’m Not a Project that ‘Needs Work’

At the onset of these review posts, I viewed myself as a project needing critical analysis and work. I measured my performance in 3 areas: (1) Health, (2) Wealth, and (3) Relationships. The approach was good to kickstart my career but, as a human, it wasn’t natural to hold myself to such scrutiny.

Curiosity: Where My Smiles Came From

Ever look at an athlete, actor, musician, or executive and wonder what your life would be like if you went down that path?

Curiosity fell away from me in the past decade. After high school, I zoned in on my career and let go of my hobbies. Sure, my career got going sooner, but I lost that umph to go try new things and build new hobbies. This all came back in 2020.

2020 felt like a year of wearing different hats. In April I decided to start biking. In summer, I picked up running. Then I tried making tequila, then an animated cartoon, then golfing, then boxing, and now it’s ski season again. I even went to a spa for the first time, visited vineyards, and hiked trails I never heard of before. Kayaking was fun too. It was so much fun trying new activities and seeing which ones I liked/wanted to invest in. In many ways I feel like I’m in high school again, running around and always on the go. It was a great feeling and something I’ll definitely keep up in the future.

Other Feel-Good Moments:

  • Bought my first car
  • Finished my MBA
  • Started teaching at a university

My Hope for Next Year: More Adventures

Adventures. Multi-day, fun friend-filled adventures. Adventures that entail physical activity, great food, and unique experiences. Memory-building adventures.

What This Blog Has Become

My blog complements my career. This blog doesn’t need to generate leads, raise brand awareness, or promote my “personal brand”. I’m a business professional who sometimes teaches courses on contract. As I hear cool stories and meet interesting people, I’ll create content extracting lessons from their unique experiences. It’ll be my unofficial way to do field research.

Before/After Photo

December 2019

December 2020

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