A New Support for Cape Breton Entrepreneurs

ThriveCB is a program that offers hands-on support with sales and marketing operations.

Colin MacInnis

Author & Advisor

Get Hands-On Support with Sales & Marketing

Beyond advising, we’re ready to jump in and help.

Active Marketing Assistance

Need help making noise? We can set up, manage, and run your promotions, advertisements, and campaigns.

Lead Generation & Sales Calls

It’s hard to juggle administration and sales. You go ahead and focus on the business. We’ll handle the calls.

Reporting & Analytics

At heart, we’re marketing analysts. We’ll let you know what’s working and what’s not. Full transparency.

What We’re Prepared to Do

Our entrepreneurs employ our people. The more they succeed, the more we succeed.

We’re prepared to volunteer for your business doing sales and marketing.

  • We’ll set up and manage your social media accounts
  • We’ll set up and manage your website analytics accounts
  • We’ll optimize your business for search engines like Google
  • We’ll do SEO for your blog posts and YouTube videos
  • We’ll set up and manage your advertising accounts
  • We’ll do market research & create marketing strategies
  • We’ll optimize your conversion rates
  • We’ll facilitate your sales calls
  • We’ll give you reports on how everything is doing

We can work out a schedule later, but the first step is to book a call.

Why Are We Doing This?

First and foremost, Cape Breton is our home. Second to that, we thoroughly enjoy the challenge of business development.

We’ve worked tirelessly to improve our skills in sales and marketing. The things we’ve learned to do over the years deliver breathtaking results, but we’ve struggled to articulate exactly how it all works. Our method thus far has been to gradually work for companies, one by one, to show them first-hand how we help businesses grow.

This program is our attempt to expand that method and reach more businesses.

It’s not about money. It’s about increasing the talent pool in our community.

Eligibility & Contract Length

This is a 100% free, no-loan, no-equity program for entrepreneurial people living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. You are eligible for this program if you are any of:

  • A registered business owner through the Registry of Joint Stocks NS living in Cape Breton
  • A student or recent graduate who is working on a business idea and lives in Cape Breton

Upon discussion and analysis of your needs, we’ll devise a plan for your volunteer sales and marketing representatives. If your needs extend beyond our volunteering capacity, we’ll defer you to our consulting services.

For version 1.0 of this program, contract lengths will be set to 6-weeks intervals. You are welcome to reapply or renew your contract after your contract has expired.

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Anthony McQuaid

“Colin is a pleasure to work with. His genuine enthusiasm and interest to continually evolve his skills makes him a vital part of our team. He strives for excellence and does whatever it takes to ensure the success of our marketing campaigns.”

Anthony McQuaid, Securicy

Product Marketing Manager

“Colin helps marketers strengthen their skills in branding, campaigns, and sales. He guides marketers through technical obstacles and helps marketers position themselves for success. I highly recommend Colin for his skills and knowledge of marketing!”

Holly Chisholm, Innovacorp

Project Coordinator

“I’ve worked with Colin to launch new products and services. He always brings a great level of energy to the team and helps others execute on their projects and tasks. Hard working, and a life-long learner, I’d recommend Colin for your marketing and sales operations.”

Darren MacDonald, CBU

Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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